Welcome to the public library in Gladsaxe

Read more about our opening hours, how you become a registered library user and see our regulations. If you have further questions you are more than welcome to call us at: 39 57 63 00 or write to us at: mail@gladsaxe.dk

Foto:Thomas Vilhelm/Specialphoto

Welcome to the library

We want to invite you to a place for expression, immersion and insight.

Do you need computer-assistance or help retrieving the correct information for your school assignment? Do you want to learn new things, or do you need a place to immerse yourself? Do you feel the urge to discuss music, or do you want to read a good book? Are you looking for cultural experiences for yourself or your family?

At the library, we have room for it all and a helping hand, if or when you need it.

We are your doorway to a world of knowledge and experiences. 

Jakob Lærkes

Library Director