Fees for overdue materials

Valid from January 2nd 2012

 Overdue fees

 To be paid by
 adults from 15

 To be paid by
 children 0-14

 1 -7 days  20 kr.  5 kr.
 8 - 31 days  60 kr.  30 kr.
 Over 31 days  230 kr. +

 120 kr. +

Loans that are not returned will be transferred to Gladsaxe local authorities

Fees for paying with credit cards

When using a credit card, you must pay a fee:
Danish MasterCard and Visa: 1,1 % of the amount
Foreign MasterCard and Visa; 2,95 % of the amount

Note: From January 2nd 2012 the library does not refund the amount already paid if you return your loan.