The regulations of Gladsaxe Bibliotekerne

How to register

In order to check out, reserve or renew books and other items, you must be a registered user. Your CPR number (civil registration number) and your PIN will give you access to your borrower status and digital content. Please notice that some of the digital content is only available if you reside in the municipality of Gladsaxe.

If you are 18 years old or more

Registration at the library. You can register at one of the Gladsaxe Libraries by showing up in person. You need to bring your Health Card (Sundhedskortet). Directly following registration, you will be able to check out, reserve or use our digital resources and self-service libraries.

Online Registration

You can register through our website by using MitID.

Click on Opret bruger in the top right menu and follow the instructions. Once you have registered as a patron you will be able to use your CPR number and your personal PIN to log on to the website, check out items from the self-service stations and have access to our digital content. The PIN will be created during registration.

 If you are under the age of 18

A parent or a legal guardian can register their child who are under 18 years of age through our website by using MitID.

Click on Opret bruger and complete the form for children under 18. After three working days at the latest you will receive a confirmation from Gladsaxe Libraries in your mailbox. Once you have received the e-mail, your child will have full access to our services using their Health Card or a childrens library card, which you can pick up at your local library. Logging on to our website and use of our digital services is also possible using the child’s CPR number and PIN.

Changes to your personal information or loss of library card You have to inform the library if you change your address, e-mail or phone number. If you lose your library card it should be reported to the library as soon as possible to avoid misuse. 

Check out, return and fees

How to check out materials The loan periods are usually 1 month, and it is free of charge. Some materials however have shorter loan periods. These periods will appear on your receipt.The individual library can determine limitations on the individual users’ loans cf. order of library activities § 13.

How to return materials.

When returning your materials, you can choose to get a receipt. This receipt is your documentation, that the materials have been returned. You can get an overview of your current loans and reservations at under “lånerstatus”. If you wish, you can choose to receive a reminder of when your loans expire by text or e-mail.


You will have to pay a fee, if you exceed the loan period. You can pay the fee using the MobilePay app at the self-service stand at the library, or in the app ”Biblioteket”, by paying online at the library ́s website or by personal request, at the library during its manned opening hours.


 Overdue fees

 To be paid by
 adults from 18

 To be paid by
 children 0-17

 1 -7 days  20 kr.  5 kr.
 8 - 31 days  60 kr.  30 kr.
 Over 31 days  230 kr. +

 120 kr. +

Loans that are not returned will be transferred to Gladsaxe local authorities

Suspension of permission to borrow and penalty of exclusion

The library is a public domain. You are expected to behave appropriately both in the use
of the library, PC’s and Internet alike. You have to follow the staff’s directions. If you behave
in an unacceptable manner or infringe regulations, you may be excluded from the
library for a specified period.
If borrowed items are not returned after repeated notices, if
you return them in a bad condition, or if you owe more than 200 DKK kroner in fines to
the library, your permission to borrow might be suspended.

Law of Personal Data

The library is subject to abide the requirements of the Law of Personal Data (Persondataloven).